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The tuition for the 2011-2012 academic year is as follows for each class:

Class of 2012 $8,100
Class of 2013 $8,300
Class of 2014 $8,300
Class of 2015 $8,600
**Class of 2015 Rate locked in for 4 years**

ALL students will be charged a $200 Registration Fee.

Payment Options:
PLAN A: Pay in full by July 15th
Those who choose to pay the tuition in full receive a $150 discount for each family member enrolled. Payment in full must be received by July 15th in order to receive this discount.

PLAN B: Two-Payment Plan
Those who choose the two-payment plan receive no discount. Half of the tuition is due on July 15th and the other half is due on January 15th.

PLAN C: Ten-Monthly Payments
Families who choose this plan will be on a 10-month payment plan through FACTS Automatic Tuition Management Program. Payments are scheduled from August to May.

Merit Scholarships
Merit scholarships are awarded annually to incoming freshmen. The Scholarship Committee reviews entrance exam scores, academic transcripts, recommendations, and application for admission when considering scholarship award recipients. Merit scholarships are renewable for four years. Each recipient’s level of academic achievement and contribution to the Arlington Catholic community is reviewed every year for renewal.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available and awards are based on a family's demonstrated financial need as determined by FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment Service.  Apply for financial aid online at
Freshman Applicants:  Priority deadline date is Dec. 31, 2011.  Award notification letters will be mailed to freshman families who meet the priority deadline date along with their acceptance letters.
Current Students:  The deadline date for current students for financial aid application is April 1, 2012.

International Students
The tuition for international students for 2011-12 is as follows:
$9600 plus a $200 non-refundable registration fee.
Financial Aid is NOT available to international students. There are two payment plans available: please refer to Plans A & B above. If paying in full with a credit card, a 2% service fee will be charged.

Transfer Students
The tuition for transfer students is the same as the tuition for incoming freshmen.